5th February 2020 Stoke St Michael is looking for a new Parish Councillor, details here. Email clerk@stokestmichaelpc.org for further details.

4th March 2020 Calling all countryside lovers! Stoke St Michael are looking for a Parish Path Liaison Officer

If you ever go for a walk in the lovely Somerset countryside, you will be aware of the network of paths that are the counties Rights of Way network. At over 6000Km, Somerset has one of the longest rights of way networks in the country.

As we all know, plants, weeds, hedgerows, trees etc all grow, and sometimes these encroach on paths. To keep them open Somerset relies on a network of volunteers, with a key role being the Parish Paths Liaison Officers (PPLOs). Their role is to monitor all the public paths in our parish, carry out small scale maintenance and report any significant issues to Somerset’s Public Rights of Way Team (PROW).

Volunteers don’t need to be members of the Parish Council but they are expected to report to the PC from time to time including an annual report and liaise with Somerset’s PROW Team. They have a webpage that describes the role and it includes a link to the handbook that gives a detailed description of the role:

You are supplied with a basic toolkit including secateurs, a small folding saw, a pair of loppers, and maps showing all the paths in our parish. You can also view the network here.

The PPLO role is supported by the Rights of Way team’s Volunteer and Trails Officer (Martin Cooper) – if you would like to speak to him about the role he can be contacted by email or 07917 837542