The Parish Council consists of nine Councillors and they are as follows:-

Amanda Taylor Email
Keith Hambly (Vice Chair) Email cllr.
John McEntee (Chair) Email
Matthew Rice Email
Anna Mearns Email
Peter Rhodes Email
Simon Collins Email
Phil Howard Email
Dan White Email

The Councillors have a rota to inspect the condition of the area of the Lychgate, any concerns and problems please contact the Councillor responsible for that month. Monthly rota until the end of 2025

The Parish Council has representative on the various village Committees, Working Parties and Outside Bodies and they are as follows:-

Quarry Liaison – Cllrs Simon Collins and Amanda Taylor
Community Playing Field – Cllrs Keith Hambly and Amanda Taylor
Stoke St Michael Memorial Hall – Cllr John McEntee
Somerset Local Community Networks – Cllr Simon Collins

Councillor Interests
Climate Change – Cllr Amanda Taylor
Planning – Cllrs Amanda Taylor and Simon Collins
Finance – Cllrs Keith Hambly
Highways – Cllrs Peter Rhodes and Simon Collins
Footpaths – Cllr Matthew Rice