List of Polices and Procedures adopted by Stoke St Michael Parish Council

Financial Risk Assessment, approved 7th January 2021

Councillor Code of Conduct Policy Reviewed 17th October 2019

A Council may make Standing Orders to regulate its business and proceedings. Reviewed 3rd September 2020

Financial Regulations and procedures apply to all members and employees in the work they do for the Council. Reviewed 3rd September 2020

Health and Safety Policy Adopted November 2019

Email Contact Privacy Notice Adopted 4th July 2019

Grants Policy Adopted 27th February 2020

Publication Scheme Adopted 27th February 2020, Reviewed 7th January 2021

Public Participation Policy Adopted 18th June 2020

Freedom of Information Policy Adopted 18th June 2020

Data Protection Policy Reviewed 3rd September 2020

Social Media Policy Adopted 3rd September 2020